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Our 4 business areas

We are constantly tuned into the movement of the market as well as always listening into problems we hear within our clientele and network.
Product development
All our ideas are backed by data usually via user feedback suggesting that if we make a product like “this” that they would definitely use it.
Launch & optimisation
Once the product is launched, we continue to optimise the product and expand its offerings.
Nagato invests in and develops YouTube channels
Project in progress
TOURN is developing an AI that actively assists in predicting the future.
With a constant desire to renew and improve, the company has realized the importance of not only reflecting on the past but also looking forward. Instead of merely creating an AI that reviews and presents historical data from the web, TOURN's vision has been to develop an AI that actively assists in predicting the future.This forward-looking approach is not only a technical achievement but a necessity in today's rapidly changing digital landscape. By anticipating future trends and behaviors, businesses, researchers, and decision-makers can act proactively rather than reactively.
Use cases
Companies spun out of TOURN Labs
Charge was founded by TOURN during the second half of 2019 when it was clear that there was a lack of actors helping e-sport players to manage their finances.

Charge is a platform that helps gamers handle their finances, salaries from e-sports organizations, taxes, billing, partnerships, etc.
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Hubso is a company that came out of Tourn Labs which helps influencers create their own ecommerce brands.

TOURN has sold off a majority of its ownership with a multiple of about 10 times the invested capital, and Hubso is now operating as an independent company.
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Nagato invests in and develops YouTube channels

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